ASEF International Project#Grandma Kitchen 2016

In this Online Collaboration, the students create an online recipe book with cuisines from different ASEM Countries. Students will write the recipes of the dishes that are commonly used in their homes, or famous in their country, accompanied with original pictures from the kitchens. The project attempts to bring back some dishes that were more common during the times of our grandparents. The students are requested to try to make a dish from another country, post photos of their creation and share their experience of making the dish.

ASEF International Project # Cultural Loom 2016

PROJECT DESCRIPTION / SUMMARY “Cultural Loom” allow students to decode different cultures and social backgrounds. Participating students will compare how food, music, dance, transportation, objects, houses and clothing are experienced differently in Asia and Europe. All research, experiences and interaction are described in blog posts. The final outcome is the creation of a “virtual” intercultural T-shirt that respects the cultural diversity of everyone involved. The Online collaboration aims to boost Community cohesion and Global Citizenship and enhance the intercultural competences of both students and teachers involved.

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Celebration of International Days

International Environment Day was observed at Dhanmondi Govt. Girls' High School Dhaka on 5 June 2016.

Message from HeadMistress

Welcome to Dhanmondi Govt. Girls’ High School. We're really pleased to let you know about our school through our website and hope it will give you a flavour of curricular and co-curricular activities of our school. Ours is an inclusive educational institution and we’re committed to serving young people. We aim to deliver the best possible education as well as preparing students for life by treating them holistically which will help them prepare themselves for lives of vision and consequence in the 21st century.
Del Mahfooza Hossaine
Headmistress (Acting)